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What do I treat?


I work with all kinds of issues and problems from seemingly small issues through to deep seated complex emotional trauma using a mixture of talk therapy, regression and coaching. Often though, people who come to see me are just struggling generally and need my help to talk things through so they can get back on track with their lives. The presenting symptom might be different from the root cause of an issue, which is where regression work is very powerful in accessing forgotten memories and repressed feelings from the subconscious mind or more simply put, what is not in a person's  conscious awareness. For those individuals at a low ebb starting point, all work is done in the session and as the feelings / emotions shift; tools, homework and extra help will be given outside of the session such as coaching plans and recordings relating to desired changes / outcomes and goals.


How many sessions?


Some clients need a few sessions and some need several months depending on the presenting issue/s. There is no prescribed amount or minimum so you decide as you feel the positive changes occur. Whilst my approach tends to work quickly getting to the heart of a problem, there are also no shortcuts or quick fixes. The times when a catharsis happens in one or two sessions are typically from forgotten / repressed deep seated memories / feelings which come out. For most individuals,  thoughts, feelings and emotions take time to both come to the surface and work through like layers of an onion. 


A word on therapy


It is important to understand there is no such thing as a perfect or right therapy as every individual is both complex and unique requiring a personalised therapeutic programme often needing a mixture of counselling, regression work and coaching which is what I specialise in. There is also rarely a quick fix with therapy (as some in the therapy world suggest!) and asides from the therapy / therapist, you will get out of what you put in to it both in and between sessions. Whilst we live in a technological age our brains are not like computers being able to download new software in an instant. It takes time and consistency to develop new neural pathways bringing about emotional and behavioural change.  The same as learning to ride a bike or getting fit at the gym. The following are examples of types of problems I work with.















NHS or Private?


There is no right or wrong here but some things you might want to consider. With the NHS there might be an issue with both waiting times to see a doctor and secondly to get a referral. You might be referred to either a psychological wellbeing practitioner or to a high intensity therapist. In both instances the basis of therapy is likely to be around CBT / ACT or cognitive behavioural therapy therefore regression work is not available as part of the treatment. CBT tends to address symptoms, not root causes. Due to money saving drives some of their therapy is now computer based and text based. Therefore, the therapy interface might be with a computer or phone not a person. The programme you are likely to receive will be a more generalised programme (less specific and personalised to the individual), with a more defined treatment period either via computer and fitting a more generic, prescriptive therapy approach (one size fits all model).  CBT has gained favour in recent years because it is cost effective for the NHS, easy to roll out / teach and lastly because it is more easily measurable in scientific studies giving the therapy more prominence.



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