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Working with Andrew helped me out at a time when I was feeling extremely low and lost. We worked through some different techniques and he gave me some tools to take away and make positive changes. I do not think the changes were dramatic at first and I still have work to do. I still must make more effort with my mental health. Being a sports enthusiast I am used to working hard to make gains and wouldn’t expect to improve with out this training; what Andrew has done is helped me to realise that the mind also needs training and he’s allowed me to make take some essential steps forwards. As a direct result of working with Andrew I addressed some difficult personal situations and improved my relationships with family and friends. As a dad of three young children I am all too aware of the mistakes I make daily, but I try not to be too hard on myself and remember that I am good enough. During my sessions I found that most of my issues stemmed from a lack of self-belief and a mind that was trained in negative thinking. I am enough – this is the essence of what Andrew has helped me to realise. And I must thank him for that!


From the very first conversation, Andrew was extremely patient and understanding, taking the time to answer all my questions to ensure I felt confident with the process and my own part in it. The session itself was incredibly powerful and informative and I felt completely safe to let go and trust Andrew as he led me through it. The follow up recording he then provided for me to continue the process for the following thirty days was tailored precisely to me and the areas I needed to address that came up in our session. I really can't thank Andrew enough. His knowledge, skill, insight and respect he showed to me as a fellow professional helped me to embrace this therapy and to reap the maximum benefit. By following his guidance, I have felt a profound shift in how I view and value myself and the difference this is making in my life both professionally and personally is incredible. Andrew continued to offer his guidance and support which is invaluable and I have no hesitation in recommending both the therapy and Andrew in providing it, it really has made a tremendous difference for which I am very grateful.


In Autumn last year I experienced simultaneously three major events in my life: loss of my career due to Covid; a house move; and to cap it all, a disastrous spell as an Amazon delivery driver. The stress of these events left me wracked with a debilitating anxiety and insomnia. And, as it was the first time I had experienced a significant mental health issue, it felt like there was no way out. Early in January, a friend referred me to Andrew, who scheduled three sessions of hypnotherapy. It is now mid-February and I already feel like I have turned a significant corner. I still have the occasion wobble, but with Andrew’s guidance, I now feel I have the tools to cope with anything that life throws at me. Indeed, the whole experience has made me more relaxed generally, mentally stronger, certainly wiser, and much gentler with myself. Andrew makes it very clear that you have to do the homework, guided and supported by his wonderful, personalised mp3 recordings which, listened to daily, will steadily change the way you think and feel, easing you towards a more positive and relaxed outlook. He clearly cares deeply about his clients and, by the end of the sessions, he really felt like a wise, calm, and reliable friend. I really can’t thank him enough.


My sessions with Andrew proved to be an invaluable experience and might possibly turn out to be the best investment I have ever made. When I first approached Andrew to undergo hypnotherapy, I wasn't quite sure what I was asking for, but knew that I needed help in some way. What I found during my sessions with Andrew, and the interim periods of self-hypnosis between, was that I had unknowingly embarked on a journey of self-reflection that has unlocked truths I did not know were buried and, ultimately, provided me with the tools I need to now continue working on myself for the foreseeable future with a much-altered perspective and sense of purpose. I am so glad I took this step, and would recommend that anyone else struggling with any of the very personal and difficult issues that Andrew specialises in should do the same.



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